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Red beaded necklace
A1 Handwoven beaded necklace 18in. long 5/8 in wide $145.00
Blue metallic necklace
A2 Handwoven beaded necklace 18in. long 5/8 in, wide $145,00
Multi colored metallic beaded necklace
A3 Handwoven Metallice beaded necklace 19 1/2 in long 5/16 in wide $145.00
Metallic green iris hand woven
A4 18" metallic green iris 5/8"wide $145.00
Multi matte colored beaded necklace
A5 Handwoven beaded necklace 20 in. long 5/8in wide $150.00
Copper and black necklace
A6 matte metallic copper and black 22" long 5/8"wide $165.00
Coppery/peach beads necklace
A7 Peachy copper colored beads 20" long 1/2" wide $125.00
24kt plated gold necklace woven
A8 16 1/2" woven 24kt gold plated with gold & Silver plated loops. $175.00
Multi metallic hand woven beaded necklace
A9 18" long 1/2" wide multi metallic beads antique silver closure $125.00
Handwoven blue necklace
A10 matte variegated blue 18" long 5/8" wide antique silver pewter closure $145.00
Reds and golds metallic necklace
A12 18" long 5/8" wide metallic red and golds tile beads antique silver closure $145.00
Matte metallic khaki colored necklace
A13 18" long 5/8" wide matte metallic khaki green gold snap closure $145.00
Multi metallic beaded necklace
A14 18" long 5/8"wide multi metallic necklace toggle closure $125.00
Handwov n black metallic necklace
A16 18"long 5/8" wide black and marbled black $145.00

Pearlized grey necklace
A19 18" long 5/8" wide pearlized grey tile beads silver toggle closure $145.00